My Swaggy Geo Bunny

Yo Internet,

My class just finished the most amazing math thingy ever! GEO BUNNIES!!!!!! Geo Bunnies are bunnies made up entirely of geometrical shapes! What an interesting way to teach one geometry.

This is my Geo Bunny, Furry Potter. 🙂


My bunny has squares, rectangles, circles, trapezoids and triangles. Furry Potter has a compound shape, compound shapes are made up of 2 or more geometrical shapes, his compound shape is in his ears.

“So your Geo Bunny is Harry Potter as a bunny?” (Ó-Ó). Yes, your’re right, random person I have created! As you know Harry Potter wasn’t always a bunny. Sit back as I tell you how Potter went from Harry to Furry.

One night Dudley got a hold of his wand, don’t ask him how ’cause he doesn’t know. Or how he was able to do magic with it because he’s a Muggle. Dudley snuck into his room in the middle of the night and turned him into a rabbit. Harry didn’t know how to turn himself back into a human so he went to his best friend Ron’s house to ask him or his parents how to do it. Before Harry could finish his sentence, Ron fell over laughing. Then his brothers, Fred and George, came down the stairs and told him that he should get Dudley Back. Three days later Harry went back to Dudley’s house to get his revenge. He petrified Dudley and drug him out into the hallway. PERFECT!!!!!!!!



6 thoughts on “My Swaggy Geo Bunny

  1. Hey Arielle,
    nice bunny. I like how you gave us Furry Potter’s backstory, it was interesting. Did Furry Potter ever find out how to turn back into Harry Potter?

    Here’s a link to my blog:

    • Hi,
      Yes he did. Furry Potter went back to Hogwarts and after a long lecture about using magic outside of school, Professor McGonagall turned him back into a human.

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