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Steven Universe logoCredits go to Rebecca Sugar, the awesome woman who made this show.

As I promised, more about Steven Universe!

Some of the reasons why I like this show is it’s sometimes funny (especially some of the shorts on youtube!) and it’s just really awesome (watch it and find out why ‘cause I can’t really explain it). If you really think about it some of the later episodes are pretty dark and intense.

About Steven

The show is about this 14 year old (as of season 2 episode 23)named Steven who lives with a team called the Crystal Gems. His parents are a human, Greg Universe, who used to be (and still sort of is) a rockstar, and a gem called Rose Quartz. How Steven came into the world is sort of hard to explain. Okay here it goes, Greg met Rose Quartz at one of his first concerts where he tries to give her some of his merchandise. But she left before he got to give it to her. Later on he quit his career as a rockstar to be with her. During one of his music videos Pearl fuses with Rose’(more on fusion later) and Greg thinks he can do it, so he tries and sort of succeeds. Nine months later Rose Quartz gives up her physical form to bring Steven into the world.  

About the Crystal Gems

The Crystal Gems is this team made up of the gems Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and of course Steven (now including Peridot and Lapis) who are like the super-heros. They protect Earth and all the life on it. The Gems all fight to protect Earth for different reasons.   

What is a Gem?

I have trouble explaining this. Gems are magical humanoid type beings that play a key role in Steven Universe. Their bodies are just an illusion of light. They are an intergalactic race which 5,750 years ago maintained several places on earth, with plans to turn the planet into a Gem colony, but were driven off by the rebellion lead by Rose Quartz, leaving the Crystal Gems(the rebels), and the corrupted Gems(caused by the corruption light. More on that later), the only Gems on the planet, except for a small group of stranded Gems from the Homeworld, which I think were later poofed and then bubbled.

Watch an episode (or a short) of Steven Universe and comment what you think!


By Cartoon Network [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

4 thoughts on “Steven Universe

  1. Hi Arielle!
    I love Steven Universe it is awesome! My favorite gem is Period she started out a very disliked but then redeemed herself to the Chrystal gems by calling yellow diamond a clod! anyway this is my favorite cartoon network show.
    Best wishes.

  2. Hello! I just wanted to say, Excellent Blog Post. I Love Steven Universe.

    My two FAVORITE Characters From Steven Universe are, Jasper and Peridot.

    Please Post more… But not trying to Rush you!

    ~ Danni.

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