Goodbye Blog!

Hi for the last time on this blog,

As you all know the school year is done now and since I am in Grade 7, this means goodbye elementary school! This blog is dead now.

Not to worry though, I will be getting a new one, I will post the link to it on here when I set it up.

Bye, Bye,


What Camp Taught Me

Have you ever been to Tribune Bay? I have, it’s this amazing camp that’s full of fun activities that help you discover what your limits are, and even help you break them! The people there are really nice and very encouraging, they taught us about A.C.E. The A is for “Accept All Abilities”, C is for “Challenge by Choice”, E is for ” Everybody Encourages”. Read on for a good example of C.

Just do it. That’s what I said to my self when I was atop Tribune Bay’s most talked about activity, the Leap of Faith. It’s this 30-40 ft. tall wooden cylinder, about a foot in diameter, with nothing but staples to help you reach the top. It didn’t look so bad when I was standing in front of it, the people in my group made it look so easy, so I decided to try it out for myself. It really wasn’t that bad at first, but when I reached the top I looked down at the ground, the pole started to wobble! “Is it supposed to do that?” I asked the instructor, “Yes it is, that’s one of the challenges, don’t worry though it’s perfectly safe!”. I tried to jump, but my feet just wouldn’t leave the pole! Just do it, I said to myself, just do it. After awhile of this I decided I would make the jump next time I came here, to give myself more time to think about what I’m up against. I learn from this that I should have just done it, if you send all your time worrying you’ll never get anything done.

There were a lot more activities after the Leap of Faith such as the climbing wall, Burma Bridge, Giants Latter and kayaking. These various activities also helped me learn that you have to trust that the adults have you in a pully system(they always did during the climbing activities) and most of all, trust your team. Camp helped me learn what I could really do when I set my mind to it.

Of course there were some things I found out that I couldn’t do too. The cooks at Tribune bay are amazing, I though I could eat, somewhat, 21 platefuls of Mac ‘n’ Cheese, but I felt like I was going to pass out after 3… Lesson learned? One’s stomach is NOT a black hole, besides over-eating can make you feel drowsy and really slow you down!

We had an extremely fun three day’s at Tribune Bay, so much fun in fact, all the classes that went on this trip felt totally dead afterwards. A few of us even thought about going on strike, that the grade 7’s should have had Thursday off to! LOL, it’s a good thing that we had the May long weekend ahead of us! Over all I would say camp was an amazing experience for me, it really raised my self-confidence level!



RIP Dabbing

Attention all dabber’s,

It’s time to stop dabbing.

I understand why he didn’t do it, Squidward thinks the dab should stay in 2016. Squidward was the only dank dabber, if he doesn’t dab anymore we shouldn’t either. It’s time to stop dabbing. Don’t do it for me, do it for Squidward.

We will always remember the dab

My Swaggy Geo Bunny

Yo Internet,

My class just finished the most amazing math thingy ever! GEO BUNNIES!!!!!! Geo Bunnies are bunnies made up entirely of geometrical shapes! What an interesting way to teach one geometry.

This is my Geo Bunny, Furry Potter. 🙂


My bunny has squares, rectangles, circles, trapezoids and triangles. Furry Potter has a compound shape, compound shapes are made up of 2 or more geometrical shapes, his compound shape is in his ears.

“So your Geo Bunny is Harry Potter as a bunny?” (Ó-Ó). Yes, your’re right, random person I have created! As you know Harry Potter wasn’t always a bunny. Sit back as I tell you how Potter went from Harry to Furry.

One night Dudley got a hold of his wand, don’t ask him how ’cause he doesn’t know. Or how he was able to do magic with it because he’s a Muggle. Dudley snuck into his room in the middle of the night and turned him into a rabbit. Harry didn’t know how to turn himself back into a human so he went to his best friend Ron’s house to ask him or his parents how to do it. Before Harry could finish his sentence, Ron fell over laughing. Then his brothers, Fred and George, came down the stairs and told him that he should get Dudley Back. Three days later Harry went back to Dudley’s house to get his revenge. He petrified Dudley and drug him out into the hallway. PERFECT!!!!!!!!



My Spring Break

Doggy in the daffs. Caroline Johnston via Compfight

Yo my dudes,

My school only does one week  for spring break and if you ask me that’s one week too short. I still did a lot during that one week, so grab your Doritos and flop backwards on your bean bag chair, as I tell you what I did!

Spring Break to me always starts the moment school lets out, just like the weekend. My Friday started off by me hopping in the car with some of my Scout (and Cub) buddies and driving down to Victoria for a weekend camp! I’m what they call a Kim, that means I’m still a Scout, but I help out in Cubs (the younger version of Scouts). Being a Kim, I go to all the Cub meetings and camps as well as the Scout ones.

Me and the other Kim’s, Liz, Jesse and Ashtyn, went to the Victoria camp along with all the Cubs and their leaders and I’d have to say the second best part of the trip was the drive there. We were singing songs and reminding each other of how much fun we all had when we did this as Cubs. After about an hour of driving Ashtyn told us a really funny joke that I can’t exactly put in a post, I didn’t really get it at first, but then came the punch line and we all fell to pieces. Later on the leader we were driving with gave us a bag of “Snickers Bites” to munch on (and I ate almost the whole bag).

Once we got to the place we were going to stay at we set up our sleeping spaces, the Cubs and leaders got the upstairs floor and the 4 Kim’s got he downstairs floor. I know, we’re awesome :). Later that night Ashtyn and Jesse set up a “Wigi Board”, a piece of paper that supposedly allows you to “talk” to spirits. The board said some pretty funny things, although I knew it was just Ashtyn who was making the board say those things.

The next morning we went to a place called “Fort Rodd Hill“, to do a community service thingy(pulling out invasive weeds and stuff like that) and also to learn about the history of the place. After about the first ten minutes of this, one of the leaders pulled us Kims aside and told us we could wonder around on our own and do whatever we want, FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were exploring Fort Rodd Hill for a long time until we came across a really nice and sunny meadow on the edge of a cliff overlooking the beach, near one of the large guns. The best part about that was that we had the whole meadow to our selves and when you were lying there on the grass with the sun shining down and all your friends beside you, it seems like you don’t have a care in the world(basically it was really peaceful 🙂 ). In about an hour we went back to exploring, but then soon got tired and decided to have snack. Picture four teens, two guys and two girls, eating cookies and sipping juice boxes on top of a giant war machine.

That activity end at around 3:30 pm, so we got back in the cars and headed to the Scout Hall (which was where we were staying) and hung out there until about 7 pm when we went to go see an IMAX movie, Rouge One. I fell asleep about 2/3’s through the movie so now I’m really ticked off at my self because I don’t know how it ends.

We woke up the next morning and had breakfast at Denny’s, it was the most tasty and majestic breakfast of my life. I had salted caramel banana cream pancakes, the rest of the Kim’s got he same thing because we all agreed it looked to majestical to ignore….

After Denny’s, we went to the bug zoo. If you’ve been there before you’d know it’s awesome. I got a stick bug put on my face, which was my favorite part of that.

(please excuse the little bit of hair that’s showing in this picture, the place I was at didn’t have a shower)

After the bug zoo we went to the Victoria Museum, it was the hugest one that I’ve ever been in. Well, besides the one in New York, but I only saw part of that. I liked the nature section of it the best, they had so many animals(they were all stuffed, if you know what I mean), both ocean and land. I even got a picture of me with one of the wolves(also stuffed)!

I was exploring the Museum for about 10 more minutes and it was time to drive back to Comox. This trip was the highlight of my break.

The rest of my spring break was spent just hanging out on the couch and doing nothing. on the Friday my mom and I went shopping in Victoria, I know, lots of Victoria in one week. There wasn’t really a lot out for spring clothes.

How was your Spring Break? Tell me in the comments!





I Meet Donald Trump For The First Time and I Think He Hates Me (A story by Flame)

Just another night in the Big Apple. As usual, the city was alive with jet-lagged tourists, people shopping, going to watch late night Broadway plays with friends and some just hanging out. Street vendors selling steaming hotdogs overflowing with condiments and fresh hot salted, doughy pretzels. The buildings aglow with mega sized ads for different companies hanging off all the buildings, screaming to sell you something and lights from people finishing up meetings.


Sorry! **slaps forehead**. I’m Flame, goddess of magic, swaggy comebacks, Mountain Dew and Doritos. I’ve got golden-brown hair that goes down to my waist and bright, sky blue eyes and ginormous red and gold wings! I hang out in NYC because, 1 it’s NYC how can you not love it?!, 2 that’s where the Empire State Building is and that is the modern day entrance to Mount Olympus.<😎/


So yes,  I was flying around New York City(Manhattan), about 3 months before Trump got elected. Can they see my wings? v(‘’)v Some can, some can’t(very few regular people can see the mist). After a little while of flying around NYC and taking in it’s magnificence I got tired and decided to land. I went to go get one of those majestic hotdogs and walked over to Stanley Park(it was near to where I was), picked a nice bench, pulled out my phone and checked Twitter. Donald Trump had just posted yet another really racist tweet about the Mexican’s and the wall! Now I’m not a Trump fan and I believe that all humans are equal no matter what race, so this tweet made me even more mad than usual. So I angrily shoved my iPhone into my pocket and stormed off towards Trump Towers(he was there at the moment).


I was bolting down 5th Ave, when finally I was directly across the street from Trump Towers, I spread my wings jumped up into the sky and shot towards the top floor of the skyscraper where Donald Trump was doing some paperwork. I landed with a **thump!** on the balcony and I was like “No regrets”. I took a running jump and backflipped through the glass door, that caused the door to shatter into a million little shards, and landed majestically in front of Trump on his desk(well not quite, seeing as I slipped on the papers he was writing on and fell flat on my face)


As soon as I get back to my feet Trump started yelling at me for breaking into his office and shattering his door and I was all like “all humans are equal to all other humans, even self absorbed jerks like you!” and then we got into a sissy fight. After 5 minutes of this, a brilliant idea formed in my brain I paused

“Can I take a selfie with you?” I ask.


“Sure” he grumbles.


Right as Donald Trump was about to press the camera button I twisted his pinkie finger, yanked the iPhone out of his hand and ran over to the balcony.

“WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!” Trump screams.


“No more Twitter for you” I yell back as I dangle the iPhone over the edge.

With a cheeky smile plastered across my face I throw his iPhone as hard as I can towards the road 58 floors below us. It hits the road with such force it breaks into 7 pieces.

“NO REGRETS!!!” I yell as I spread my wings and jump off the edge of the balcony and soar back home to tell my friend and family about this.


That my friends is how I met Donald Trump in person.

Mysterious Crystal Door (A Story by Flame)

Just another normal night at Hogwarts. Countless students asleep in their beds, there were few tonight who, like me, felt like rebels and decided to wander the darkened halls that night(you’d get in big trouble if you were caught doing that). It seemed as if everything was finally back to normal. The major wars, such as the ones with You-Know-Who and the Titans, were all over. Even the monsters that had escaped Tartarus through the Doors of Death that summer had quieted down. Everything was just the way it should be at Hogwarts.

😖Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Flame, goddess of magic and swaggy come-backs. I’m 18 years old, am in Gryffindor, and like to consider myself a very magical, confident, funny and likeable person(although Ginny says sometimes I can be flat out stubborn). I have thick-ish wavy gold-brown hair that goes down to my waist and eyes the same shiny blue color as the sky on a sunny day. The strangest(and most magical😎) is my enormous fiery red and gold wings! How I got those is a story for another day.

😗What was I doing? Oh yeah, I was wandering around the halls of Hogwarts at night time like a total rebel. So yeah things have been pretty normal at Hogwarts. After about 2 hours of wandering, pranking and near misses with the watchful eyes of the Professors, I got fairly bored and sleepy. I slunk back up the stairs, past the Fat Lady(the painting that guards the entrance to the common room) and back into my bed in the Gryffindor girl’s dormitory. Just as soon as I fell asleep, I was woken up by a eerie purple-blue glow. Vibrant purple and blue crystals had spiraled around my the end posts of my bed and formed some sort of magical door.

I know what you’re thinking, “😄Oh look! A magic door! 😞Don’t be stupid, stay here.”. I went through the door anyway, hey it looked perfectly safe. It led to a nice, well thought out, yet very colorful bedroom! There were speakers in every corner of the room, a expensive computer sitting at desk beside the bed and a floor that lit up in all 7 colors of the rainbow! You’re probably thinking “Hey doesn’t this look suspicious to you?”. Oh please, this is hardly an abnormal thing for me to come across.

So I threw the fact that this might be a trap out the window, jumped on the computer and cranked up some of my favorite dance tunes(“Party Rock Anthem” at the moment). 1 minute into the song(and mid-jump, I was jumping on the bed to the beat of the song) I hear a female voice yell “Can you be anymore obnoxious?!”, a thick book came flying at my head and I blacked out.

I woke up on the floor in dizzied pain thinking “What the heck just happened?”. I looked up and saw the steel grey eyes of Athena staring down at me.

“Can you please explain what just happened?” I ask.

I was eating dinner with the rest of the Olympians in the dining hall when I heard muted party music coming from somewhere in the hallway, so I excused myself from the table to go see what the noise is. I walk into the room we are now in, to find you jumping around to “Party Rock Anthem” answers Athena.

You’re probably wondering what I think of Athena right now. Normally we get along ok, we butt heads now and then. If you ask me, I think she is a good person to be around. If you ask Athena what she thinks of me, she’ll say I’m bearable, but can be very obnoxious(as demonstrated just now). She doesn’t put up with any of my crud. I guess it’s a sibling rivalry thing.

Anyway, Athena had explained to me what had happened.

“So the door led to a room in the palace on Mount Olympus?” I ask puzzledly.

“Yes, and you’ve kept us all from eating our dinner!” snarled Athena.

Anhena points towards the door(the one that opens into the hallway in the palace). I look up to see the rest of the Olympians standing in the doorway with confused(yet, frustrated) looks on their faces. Now what happened next happened so fast that I can’t quite remember what did happen. I faintly remember Aphrodite throwing her lipstick at me and Zeus throwing me through the crystal door.

All I know is I woke up in the hospital wing(back at Hogwarts) with people surrounding the bed I was in, including Rita Skeeter, who tried to interview me about my recent experience.

What happened next is a story for another day.

The Me Alphabet

Hi Guys,

I’m Arielle, my favorite food is bacon and I like doing crafts. I have a cute dog named Kona.

I like eating friesGreek mythology is half of my life, Harry Potter is the other half  😀 and one of my favorite things to do in my spare time is going on the internet and playing games.

I also like drinking orange juice.

I like how Amethyst acts like all the broken rocks in the kindergarten (the place where gems are made) are like her family.

One of my favorite gems is Lapis Lazuli, there are lots of memes about her and Peridot, although some of them are really gross.

I like all the neon colors, but everybody else says their’re blinding.

FYI there are 12 Olympian gods in Greek mythology, so don’t get it wrong, I get very annoyed when every people says there are 14.

I also really love a book series called Percy Jackson, it’s about a demigod named Percy Jackson (obviously) and his friends, (who are also demigods) they go on all sorts of dangerous quests.

My mom doesn’t like rabbits because they eat all the flowers. I think they’re cute.

My favorite show is Steven Universe, I watch it on TV all the time!

My least favorite characters from Harry Potter are Umbridge and Voldemort. They are both jerks (calling them that is undermining their jerky-ness), but in different ways.

Water is survival, we can all agree.

Some of my favorite legendary Pokemon are

Xerneas Yveltal


and Zygarde 100% 

Thank Pokemon for all the hard letters!

Thanks for reading!

(Please comment!)



Dear Aphrodite,

I’m really sorry I trapped your son, Eros (Cupid’s Greek name), in a giant Lego death machine. In my defense I didn’t build the trap myself, my friends and I hired a mortal named Bob to do it for us.

This is Bob.

(This is a long one, Aphrodite. You might want to sit down for this.)

It happened like this. One morning in February my friends and I got together, I’m not gonna say where ’cause you’re just gonna go there and get us busted(I’m already in enough trouble with the other Olympians for doing this). Anyway we got together to discuss our problems. One of them was the there was not enough love in the Comox Valley. One of my friends suggested that we set up a new dating class(you know so you can get dating advice). Then my other friend piped up and said “We should go catch Cupid!(Cupid is his Roman name)”. Then I’m like, well that could work.

It took us all day and all night to make the design (hey, we all had lots of ideas and wanted all of them to be put in). We soon realized that this was to complicated for us to build, we started flipping through the newspaper to see if there was anybody in there that had enough skills to build what we all had in mind. It took us half an hour, but soon I found an ad for a mortal engineer, Bob, who looked pretty promising. I sent Bob a text message and he was like “Oh sweet! Yah for sure I’ll do it, maybe Cupid can get me a girlfriend!”. 3 hours later bob arrived at our secret base  he took a look at our pictures we had drawn of our immortal proof Cupid catcher and said “Whoa dudes, I can see why you hired me to do this for you”. It took Bob 10 whole hours to build our trap. When he was finished we were all like “That guy is GOOD!”. Our trap was complete with high tech censors and fast closing doors and flamethrowers and bombs. Wait what?! Bob you were supposed to make the trap seem welcoming! We’re going to scare him away!

Anyway, when it was finished it looked like this.(with Bob)

We baited our trap with all sorts of treats(cookies, cakes, cinnamon hearts and etc.) and hid in a cave overlooking the clearing Bob drove the trap in to. Then we set up our monitor system and waited. Waited for 3 long Doritos-less days, seeing as the Doritos were gone within 3 hours(thanks a lot Scooter Guy >:( ). My friends and I all took turns watching the monitor screen, when suddenly the screen went all fuzzy. We were all panicking when Bob came barreling through the cave door. He told us we had caught Cupid at last, but the censor cameras were broken, that’s why the screen went fuzzy(Cupid had shot the cameras with his arrows. Aphrodite, your kid is smarter that I though!). So we all gathered around the trap. We were oohing and ah-ing  at what we had just done when the trap went BOOM and my friends and I were propelled backwards. When the smoke cleared we saw this.

Cupid spread his wings and shot upwards(back to Olympus to go tattle on us). I screamed “HOW ON EARTH DID THIS HAPPEN?! I KNOW HE IS A GOD, BUT HE’S STILL A KID!”. Bob went to go investigate the wreckage of our little trap and found tiny bomb shells(maybe he hid the bombs inside his diaper). So much for extra love in the Comox Valley(and Bob getting a girlfriend)!

When I got back home to Olympus(yes, sometimes I live there) everybody was just starring at me with really angry looks on their faces, then Cupid walked in to the throne room(’cause that’s where we all were at the moment) and everybody just started yelling at me. Then Ares started beating me up, Hephaestus was egging me to punch Ares hard in the face(Ares stole his wife). It seemed like my best chance of not getting dismembered by the war god, so I did it and FYI broke his nose. The room went silent and after what seemed like about 5 minutes the Olympian gods just went back to their normal duties. I was leaving with them, when Zeus grabbed me by the back of my shirt and dragged back into the throne room. He started chewing me out for my attempt to trap Cupid and saying things like “Never do that again!” and “You out of all people, I would have never expected to try and pull something like this off” and “Some mortals look up to you!”. Then without thinking I blurted “Well you’re not exactly the best example setter either!”. Then I’m like, oh crud Zeus heard that. He was making this face that made his eyeballs look like they were going to pop out of his head.

Like this.

 (FYI, this is Yellow Diamond. You get the picture)

I went cold with fear(the fact that I said that strait to his face).Then I panicked, ran and jumped out the nearest window. I was free falling for quite some time. Eventually I hit the ground and when I hit the ground I hit it hard. Anyway, I broke my arms(my wings weren’t able to slow the fall enough, so I broke just my arms). So now here I am in a hospital bed writing this apology letter with my toes.

I now am really truly sorry I tried to catch Cupid. Life lesson learned, don’t try to catch winged love gods in diapers.